Formal Elements Part 1

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.06.14 PM.png

A Panoramic Landscape, Philips Koninck, 1665

Looking at this painting the color seems to have a dark tone making the landscape less lively and depressing. In addition, lines are show where the rivers connect and creates a variety of hills too show the viewer a distance to look ahead. I feel the size makes a very grand statement that this landscape has an extremely large space despite it’s scary tension.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.30.41 PM

A View of the Mass at Dordrecht,


The painting represents space by showing the widespread of water surrounding the boats and the sky being horizontal towards the water. In addition, the gap between both lands are separated telling that the boats are heading out somewhere even more widely space out then the river. As stated before the sky gives a huge vibe of being free where two birds have enough space too fly around in the expanded sky.


Inferior of the Laurenskerk, AnthonieDe Lorme & Ludolf de Jongh, 1662


In this painting lines are shown at first glance especially in the middle. When I mean in the middle I’m talking about the huge pillar that makes this painting feel large. As the pillar seems narrow at first it then guides the eye upward to make a curve in the ceiling. Lines are also seen in the  left corners suggesting that this room has a more large environment to explore.


Aurora Taking Leave of Tithonus


As the beings in this painting are created in such detail it is the color that mostly catches the attention of the eye. The light and smooth color of white makes this angel seem as a godly figure. It shows great significance while everything else surrounding it seems as dim showing that these people are of less significance. As a result, color seems to show what is important to view and what is not on this painting.


Flute Glass, Unknown, late 16th or early 17th century


The glass shown is formed into many different shapes bottom to top then just a standard glass cup. It starts off with a flat circle and makes its way up with curvy circle shapes to represent the detail of the glass. In addition, the surface of the glass gives off a sense of pattern with many open and snowflake shapes.

unspecified 1.06.22 PM.png

Side Chair, Unknown, 1710 – 1715


The chair shown has a dignified stance especially with the fancy design in the bottom of the chair. It has a posture vibe to it as it gives a sense of royalty to it.


The Conversion of Saint Paul, Wolf Huber, 1531


The darkness in this image is more outline towards the man riding his horse drawing our attention towards him then the background. However, the light is in the background makes the man and his horse to stand out more.


Bottle, Willem Jacobsz van Heemskerk, 1675 – 1685 



The bottle looks to have a smooth touch around it’s surface and the glass seems to be heavy when grabbed. In addition, the green color give it an extra smooth feeling to it when glance at.



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