Linear Day Book



Linear Day

When people first wake up they ignore the beauty that is always in front of them. It may be true that the hardest thing to do is waking up in the morning and preparing for the day. However, with that mindset we don’t realize what every morning has to offer us. In linear day the class was assigned to bring a piece demonstrating a story from our morning days using lines. The work I created shows lines becoming into many elements based on the Principles of Design.

Firstly, the lines made my piece become more smooth to my story creating a calm flow. For example, I used a line to connect everything together to represent that even though parts of my day are done they still make up my whole day. In addition, this will make my work become consistent because it follows my day in a orderly fashion that when people see it they can understand my day in the morning. Furthermore, in order to show the events have movement I gave my lines rhythm this way it makes the viewers seem as they are following along in my path. For instance, these rhythm’s can be seen when lines are falling down then coming back up to make a wavy and curvy flow. As the creator I believe that my piece is indeed creative because using the events of my day, I also created a bird that I always see every time I look outside my window and using lines to do that illustrations makes me believe it’s a creative work. Although that being said I don’t believe that it is perfect, since there is a few empty spaces in the pages that might make the viewer distracted. Not only that but edges of my pages aren’t to clean, however I will be keeping it because the sizes of the pages came out nicely. As a result, even with a few minor mistakes the work I created became a great piece due to the lines.

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