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Simone Doing Max Puchalsky

This piece sends off a lonely emotional vibe as the women and dog relax  quietly looking out the window. It starts off with a women laying down extremely still as if she can not move a muscle. The way she’s positioned creates an uneven shape making her figure unbalanced. The background is dim resulting in a bit of a contrast, which shows a spread out empty space

Evelin Stermitz

In this piece the point of view is on the rooftop. Viewing the horizon line it shows many jagged and sharp lines when seeing the buildings. In addition, there’s so much space around it that it makes the surroundings absolutely free, however with that much space it gives off a scary vibe. Furthermore, the women on the rooftop makes an unbalanced state too the background.

Eduardo Yague

The piece starts off with high contrast having the tree become dark while the background has a lighter color. The brick path has a smooth pattern following one direction showing the women to find a path she must follow. The landscape is balanced and gives a huge space creating an empty feeling when the women was walking towards the tree. The trees in this piece have a sharp and rough texture, which may be applying the dark hardship the women is facing

Ellen Wetmore

The whole piece starts off with random objects and shows a unbalanced background. However, on the far right corner there are women that are completely making the statue well balanced. In the bottom it has a strong texture that it almost feels that you can touch the bugs and leaves. Watching this piece it makes me feel like that women is trying to find herself. In the middle picture it shows huge amounts of space in the sea making the women to seem very bold and powerful.

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