Illuminated Name






My illustrated name that I created took a while to complete, but at the end of the day I’m proud in how it came out. However, getting the five textures onto there had me stumped for a while because I was deciding where I should place the images. In addition, before going onto the Illustrator process it took me a really long  time to get an idea going. In the beginning I made two pieces, but both weren’t as good enough as I planned. Due to that fact my time on completing the project become less and less. It wasn’t until the weekend before the project was due that I finally had an idea to go with. If I had work on my time management a bit more then I believe I wouldn’t have had a huge loss of time. Furthermore, I’m also proud in myself in how the elements of design were presented in my piece. Also, when I finally had my idea to create my illuminated name I thought to myself that watercoloring would be difficult, but it didn’t go as bad as I thought because my watercoloring is something I really enjoy about my piece. Once I had decided the project should be printed the printed process took some time for it to be printed out. After finally being printed I noticed that the dimensions were off, however the printing was full of people and decided I should leave as is. For example, l used lines inside the stain glass to show detail in the glass in which created unbalanced and jagged shapes as it should be. I realized that applying the elements and principles of design was getting fairly easy to demonstrate then the beginning of class.

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