Gallery Walk: Write Up

Gallery Walk

Art is a visual form producing works of beauty or emotional power through human creativity and imagination. Behind many art pieces lies techniques that help strengthen one’s portrait to become visually powerful. Every artist aims to create something that pleases themselves where they wouldn’t want to touch it. If they only had a mindset of creating what other people pleases them however, then their whole piece would lose its individuality; not only would it lose its uniqueness, but it would lack in creativity and above all else imagination. In the Cohen Center, artist Mario Prisco presents his beauty in art from his career, gesture drawings, and imaginary landscape.

  Firstly, Mario Prisco is a talented artist with a background of an artistic education. He received his degrees in Syracuse University where he would then pursue a teaching career that established the Fine Arts Division, and the School of Art and Design of Alfred. A variety of his work has gone on display for the community to see in Alfred University: Cohen’s Center. In his work Prisco creates observational drawings that include human figures while his paintings included watercolors. In those watercolor paintings, Prisco pulls perspective into play while creating relationships between his objects. In result, the pieces made by Prico is eye pleasing to see.  

Secondly, gesture drawings done by Prisco express human form with smooth poses presented. For Instance, in one of his drawings from the Cohen Center shows a pose of a nude women looking over her shoulder. In addition, the drawing creates a strong sense of form that helps establish the stance of the women. Not only does it incorporate form, but space as well which tells the viewers that the women in the piece is posing above a bed sheet. Aside from space that tells us the material she’s on, balance is another huge factor in Prisco’s drawing. Balanced is shown on this piece by the visual weight of her pose because while she is sitting down her body is relaxed while the sheets become stiff and wrinkled. Furthermore, the negative space shows high perspective to where we know where the light is hitting her, which also cause contrast in Prisco’s piece.  As a result, Priscos gesture drawings that were based on women were incredible pieces that used techniques to strengthen his work.

Thirdly, seeing Priscos work on imagined landscapes showed huge amounts of principle and elements in his piece. For instance, in the Imagined Landscape 3 it presents a colorful variety with playful shapes scattered across the composition. In addition, above his paintings shows contrast being used resulting in the colorful shapes to become clearly visible as it follows a straight pattern. Furthermore, towards the bottom of his paintings creates movement within the cloud as a rainbow comes slowly out from it. In result, watching the imagined landscape by Prisco is a colorful and creativity experience

In conclusion, art has many different types of meaning to every artist. Many techniques are used based on the artist which results in beautiful pieces when done correctly. Mario Prisco is an artist that creates pieces that pleases himself and goes off with his imagination. His works make everyone fascinated with what he has done in both his gesture drawings and paintings. As a result, art should be an expression that should be from the individual and no one else.

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