Illustrated Journal

A Ordinary Blue Monday by Naomi Van Niekark

The piece starts off with high contrast with a white background and dark shirts being spread across in the foreground. Lines have an unbalanced path to them, but make up form seen on the houses drawn. When figures are shown like the crying grandmother movement flows rapidly when the dark places begin to change shape. In addition, this piece makes it feel like a sad morning due to the black and white colors and all the simple drawings. Furthermore, when watching the shirt flow away in the distance and onto other scenes I feel as if that’s a person going through all the motion.

Fingers of Doom by Raquel Meyers

In the start of this video series many things are happening right off the bat. To start one of those things is movement, which is a huge factor that plays because the figures being drawn follows a small piece creating them rapidly. In addition, the shapes being created are used to make some sort of unity as every shape stands for something to make something bigger. Not only that but the colors are also something that caught my eye; for example, anyone can tell easily what is being created with the help of all the playful colors like the wolf or silly figures being formed. In addition, it seems that the piece is based off retro games like Tetris.

In Dreams by Samuel Blain

During the start of this video I was oddly confused about the weird heads being shown and didn’t know what was going on. I referred backed to the titles and as they spoke I understood they were talking about something from a dream. The heads are all oddly shaped while some are resembling some sort of object in real life. Movement can be shown in the heads despite it being weird to see, which seems like a weird interaction because to feels as if I’m actually talking to a pair of teeth. Furthermore, there are plenty of these of these weird figures with texture; for example, the one with the hairy face looks to have shaggy and rough hair at the touch. In result, watching the video creeped me out to see.

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