Chair Project Write Up



On the first attempt of the chair project my first design on the chair wasn’t as well as I expected it to be. The newsprint drawing had a few proportions that seemed off from above because from my angle the chair had a long curve coming up than going straight down. However, translating that into my drawing was a bit problematic, since the curve was stretched far out. In short, the actual chair had a tight and close view from the top sides, while the one I created was more open and exaggerated causing the proportions to fall off. Not only were the curves an issue, but also having the lines be correctly intersecting one another. For instance, the front side of the chair had it’s corner behind the back side while the back side had its corner in front. Unfortunately, instead of accurately placing that in my drawings, I had the sides switch. The top part of the chair was indeed a challenge and had a difficult time getting the proportions, but the rest of the chair was fairly correct. When creating the final drawing I wanted to make sure I incorporated the folds to add details onto the chair, make it seem realistic, and show a smooth texture. I made sure this time to have the lines above the chair intersect correctly, so when drawing the rest of that chair I wouldn’t be confused on where the other lines should go. In addition, the chair project help me a bit more in drawing figures, since the chair had a good form and shape although, I would have a few things that are intersected switch.  Furthermore, as much as the form of the chair goes, drawing in the lines from the sheet was also troublesome. It wasn’t at all difficult to do, but I had to be careful if they were behind or in front because of the folds. The patterns did help guide me when drawing those lines because one side of the chair would have lines that started in front of another line. Also, when drawing the bottom of the sheet, I wanted to make sure it had movement by drawing that smooth curve I saw from my angle; I made sure to get it right because I didn’t want my chair to be stiff and not alive. Finishing up my chair drawing I thought I place in value in the shaded lines, but when critique it wasn’t applied at all. I may have not put many hours into the chair to make it extremely well presentable, however despite that I still like the chair I made. In result, the chair project was difficult but fun to work on.

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