Phenakistoscope Write Up





The Phenakistoscope project was a great experience to start early animation. From the start I wanted to make my scope filled with things I like however, many changes took places for my final piece. Looking at the moon is something I enjoy viewing every night; it puts it into perspective that no matter how far one my be everyone is still under the same moon. I incorporated a rocket ship taking off to mean times when we go through new and amazing things. As for the bottom center, I placed a candle to represent a relaxed state of mind. Watching the rocket take off create a sense of anticipation, by looking at were the rocket is going to. In addition, watching the moon finally blown up demonstrates exaggeration, I did that too make it a bit humorous. In the bottom, which makes up the center of the scope shows timing as the candle becomes shorter and shorter as it melts away. In the gif above I was debating on wether keeping it white as it was required to or keeping the blue that was taken accidentally. I decided to keep the blue as a representation of the sky.

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