For this Caricature project, I pulled out many references from famous Caricature artists. Although, just viewing their pieces wasn’t enough for me to get a good idea. The exercise from the CPA, which instructed to sketch out a piece of art work from a Caricature artist was extremely helpful. Practicing in that art style helped me visualize, what I wanted to bring in my artwork. My first attempt didn’t leave me satisfied, so I asked for advice from a talented classmate. As he gave me a small critique, I asked him questions in what ways I could make this or do that? With notes and suggestions all over my rough sketch it produce a drawing that left me satisfied (which is shown on the right). During that process I was deciding in ways to exaggerated my facial features and came up with exaggerating my nose and head. I made sure that I gave thin lines around the outlines while I gave thick darken lines on the inside. The purpose for that was to empathize the details in my face. I didn’t want to make them all equal and take away the different layers on my face. On the outside I produce a sharp triangular shape, to show a bit of a muscular side. I place a certain amount of space on my forehead from my hair, so that my head could be represented as tremendously large.

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