Origami Marionette

20170222_160823.jpgimage001 image003

In my marionette, I constructed multiple forms of triangular shapes to create one huge geometric figure. The shapes follow a downward path that results in a jiggly movement. The purpose for the marionette was to give it a sense of random feel, so that it will make the person moving it around happy. Changing the sequences of my shapes helped enhance the odd proportion on the marionette, including the different amounts of colors that structured it. The first steps in figuring out how to make my figure come to life was giving it a strong balance on the top and then have the bottom become loose and free. It is to be represented as broad shoulders and an active hip in motion. In addition, as much as the whole thing comes together, there are many differences in the marionette including how shapes slope down, the large gaps between other shapes, or the different patterns in the triangles. Although, the 3 Dimensional triangles have the same size each one has a different texture. For example, one may have jagged lines that results in a rough surface while one may have clean lines that create a smooth one instead. Not to mention the emptiness in the center, since both points of the shapes aren’t sowed, but instead produce a wide gap. While the marionette supports itself well, I believe that the uppermost part constructs a bold statement. In conclusion, the modular design helped improve my marionette by helping form a harmony of individual pieces and then transforming it to a mobile system.

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