Canon Project

Final Character Project (Color)

Final Character Project

When creating my character, I was heavily influenced by an artistic area back home. That area would be Venice beach; a place filled with numerous diversity of art wether it be objects, portraits, or even clothing. What this beach stood out to me, is that some venders would have popular characters and exaggerated their personality. However, unlike a Caricature this style focused on making a character thugged or pimped out. Its purpose was to create emphasis on a characters clothing and letting that judge a characters personality. For example, there may be one of Mickey Mouse with long black baggy jeans, with a thick sweater, and a gold chain. Countless of people love that sort of thing; having a popular character and making them into street art. Rap is heavily influenced on this style because those who listen to it prefer to be dressed in that sort of fashion. I enjoy listening to rap and when I thought of what I wanted from my character, I thought of Venice.

Using my own original drawing, I decided to have the clothing be a major factor to my character. Creating uneven lines around my character’s sweater helped enhanced a smooth and soft texture. By adding line variety to the sweater, I was able to get that large and baggy size. The intention of having such an immense wear is to overlap herself and bring attention to what she has on. Providing shadows and using line weight brought an advantage by creating an organic and semi realistic view. Not too mentioned the curvy and sharp designs. In addition, unlike the style in Venice that heavily relied upon contrast and space, I decided to bring color onto my drawing. With my current skills, I wasn’t able to get the style spot on, however I did enjoy the end result. But, I did have a goal to strive for creating a character were parents wouldn’t want to see there sons and daughter wearing. Furthermore, producing jagged lines on the hair improved a fuzzy touch and lessened it to be calm instead of chaotic. Every line has a purpose and I believe each one does there balance in making my drawing flow. After all, doing this project was all about having a good time and learning from experience.

Character Details

Character Story

Lexi short for Alexandra, is a delinquent in high school who enjoys getting into fights repeatedly. After, her last strike she is forced to transfer to another school. Once she transfers into a brand new school, she is given an appointment with the principal. In their talk she is placed in a new program passed by the city of Los Angeles, for teens that need to fix their behavior; if she failed then it will result in automatically enrolling into juvie. The program called “Restart” is to arrange delinquents with volunteered honor students and learn how to be the perfect student on campus. Lexi is teamed up with Sarah, a girl who aims to become a writer. Just like her mom she wants to write for Hollywood and applying to volunteer for “Restart” will help her have an excellent high school resume to enter a good university. Lexi is know placed in a position with someone that has something to strive for and believes that the two of them will definitely not get along. Growing up in a harsh environment has only made her lost with no ambition and failing the program will keep her lost forever. Although, deep down within herself, Lexi doesn’t want to go to juvie at all. Teaming up with Sarah may help her be true to herself, however Lexi believes Sarah is only doing this to benefit herself and that all good nature people don’t care about people like her. With everything said and done, the start of their senior year is set in motion.




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