Sculpture Project (Artist Statement)


An abstract gum ball machine; that brings harmony to each block added in the surface, results into a finished product. A variety of square wood pieces have been subtracted for curves that presents itself with an odd form. A huge factor for it’s boldness and visibility is the contrast that provides a identity to the scaled sculpture. Like a gum ball machine, the base would have a swirling maze as the gum ball rolls down; I interpreted that by attaching different proportioned cubes that would cause the outcome to become a new, but similar maze.  Smooth texture is located all around the sides of the piece, however the grouping of the peculiar cubes produces sharp and clean edges. Negative space helps enhance the way this piece is shown by curving inside the sides, transitioning the viewers view all around the wooded sculpture. The natural materials creates a hard piece that represents a nature affection. Furthermore, the distorted wires shows wavy shapes that describes into a glassy ball of the gum machine. Similar repetitive wooden spheres, are shown as an active and fun view.

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