Journal #1 (2/12/17)

arm-skeleton hand-skeleton

When coloring in the skeletons of both the hand and the arm, I was referencing back to the artist Lui Ferreyra. I chose random colors that came to my head and started to play around with the bones. However, one thing I would’ve wanted to improve is to create geometric figures and then coloring them in. I believe it could’ve made it far less simple and more on track of a Lui Ferretra’s artwork pieces. The line weight on the bones are smooth and thin for the purpose of showing clean, fragile bones. In addition, the lines play as puzzle pieces, once connected they help form a sense of unity. The different types of shapes the bones create, each play a role for helping us move are bodies. Although, I would’ve wanted that same effect to apply with the colors.

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Moon Boarding



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For this Caricature project, I pulled out many references from famous Caricature artists. Although, just viewing their pieces wasn’t enough for me to get a good idea. The exercise from the CPA, which instructed to sketch out a piece of art work from a Caricature artist was extremely helpful. Practicing in that art style helped me visualize, what I wanted to bring in my artwork. My first attempt didn’t leave me satisfied, so I asked for advice from a talented classmate. As he gave me a small critique, I asked him questions in what ways I could make this or do that? With notes and suggestions all over my rough sketch it produce a drawing that left me satisfied (which is shown on the right). During that process I was deciding in ways to exaggerated my facial features and came up with exaggerating my nose and head. I made sure that I gave thin lines around the outlines while I gave thick darken lines on the inside. The purpose for that was to empathize the details in my face. I didn’t want to make them all equal and take away the different layers on my face. On the outside I produce a sharp triangular shape, to show a bit of a muscular side. I place a certain amount of space on my forehead from my hair, so that my head could be represented as tremendously large.

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Illustrated Journal 2


The image shown is based on a particular art style named caricature. I exaggerated most of my facial features to fit into the style. The line weight is shown with heavy lines to enhance an bold face. There are even weight lines around my jaw to created a sharp strong edge. Creating more lines and casting small amounts of shadows helped my face show bold details.

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Illustrated Journal 2

I want to learn how make characters in motion. In the pervious classes it was interesting to learn about the human proportions. That extremely helped me to have a better guide, when making a character. I would want to learn how to draw characters in different poses then just in one single boring pose. It would also be interesting in practicing how to draw in different art styles. As of now there isn’t anything else that I’m looking forward too, but as time goes by I believe that there will be some spark that will open my eyes to learn.

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Poster Project

Untitled-2 FINAL 1.jpg

Images are powerful, but when using them in a way to send a message they can become inspirational to see. In this compostion, it shows a heart filled with trees and nature to express the beauty of the enivorment. As plenty of trees keep being cut down the words “our blood” represnts them being destoryed. The different types of trees that make up the heart also shows a form of unity.

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Color Objects

Color Objects Identity.jpg

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