Gallery Event Write Up

During the opening gallery in the Cohen Center on Friday showed a variety of colorful art pieces. The artists that worked on these pieces have completely different types of styles that they use when creating a piece. Many artists will find it difficult to find their style in the field of art, but once an artist’s finds their way they may even go further beyond than what the style is used for. An artist may also be stubborn as well believing that the way the created art is the right way to pursue things and will ignore other styles to put onto their work. However, if it’s for the sake of creating an artwork that can become satisfying for them then they might break their own rules. Inside the Cohen Center during the day of a new open gallery walk, pieces around the the walls all showed a combination of both the artists works.

Firstly, inside Cohen was an artistic experience to be a part of and witnessing the art pieces in person. For example, the pieces on display were all using some sort of 3-D illusion that was extremely enjoyable to watch. In addition, the colors from the 3-D paintings seem to be using bright colors like red and blue. By using those colors it seems that it had a relationship to the 3-D glasses. Not only that, but many paintings had some relations like the principles and elements of design. In all 3-D three pieces that were presented in the gallery shows great examples of the use of color. While on the outside the colors are shown as independent once join together in the unity down the middle they form a 3D illusion. There is a repetition of color in all three pieces as they go further down. In addition, watching the piece was entreatingly playful as the colors create their own mysterious movement. All in all as much as the colors are all scattered on the piece they present a form of balance. In result, much can be learned by using different types of artistic styles.